Atriek Misasune

Explorer and archer


Heavy Repeating Crossbow
Ranged Fighter
Elf Hunter 6, Sniper 7


Most of his childhood and young adult years spent as an aloof wanderer, explorer of the wild, seeker of adventure, and sniper extraordinaire. Born into nobility, Atriek quickly got fed up with the ceremony and the politics, and the dramatic show of “honor.” He often sought refuge in nearby wilderness, exploring nature and himself. Once he reached adolescence, at the age when he was eligible to take a role in the MIsasune clan, he left permanently, all but severing his family ties. He did not hate his family, he simply could not live as they did.

He remained in the wild, learning to hunt and survive, and finding his own definition of honor, which would certainly be viewed as dishonorable by the nobility of Nippaji. Atriek deemed honesty more honorable than niceties, surviving more honorable than saving face, loyalty more honorable than living, and justice more honorable than honor itself.

Although Atriek thought the traditions of the nobles and rulers to be silly at times, although mostly with good intentions, he cared for the land and the people of Nippaji. While it displeased him that Nippaji was weakening, it displeased him more that the Onada clan took advantage of that to wreak havoc across the land, attempting to control everything. Add to that the fact that invaders from the North had entered the land, as well as bandits, and the state of the land was enough to bring tears of rage to his eyes. Not that anyone would ever see them.

Now he is determined to restore peace to the land. It is a monstrous task, which he may never have a hope of completing. There is no end in view, no sure way of success, and no definition of what this peace will be like. There is only the next step.

Atriek Misasune

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