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Timing system (timeline to follow):
-Seconds, Minutes, and Hours still represent the same lengths of time
-A single day is composed of 19 hours
-A week is composed of 10 days
-3.4 weeks per month
-15 months
-510 days per year (51 weeks)

Days: (mostly named for great heroes of the past. Since 1 lb, many of them were changed to honour the great heroes of the Morrathan war. No one now uses the old names.)
-Aenear (for Aeneas, one of the grand general of the Morratha war)
-Iberar (the famous Espanan mage who contributed to the Binding Ritual)
-Menskar (the much-venerated cleric who won the favour of the good-aligned gods to defeat the Hektoran Empire in the old days)
-Kasar (the legendary immortal warrior who slew Echidna, the Mother of Monsters and Slayer of Gods)
-Aaronar (legendary cleric of Kord who slew [insert member of council of 5 here])
-Astralar (day of reverence for the various gods and celestials. In most nations, it is a day of joy and veneration. in Nippaji, it is a solemn day of remembrance for the ancestors)

(for the famous wizard, Douglass Kirkwall, Master of the Sevenfold Veil and expert in defensive magics)
(the beginning of the rainy spring season. Named for the Eldingar, the Storm Titan whose Chaotic Good nature led him to battle the Death Titan Edunis. It is fitting that the first month of the season of life’s restoration is given to him.)
(the month of the year where the Prime Material Plane is closer to the Astral and Positive Energy planes. Good clerics cast more powerful spells. Those who hope for miracles pray very hard during this month. Ironically, the Morratha first invaded in this month)
(the first month of [insert world name here]‘s short summer. Named after the legendary Fire Titan who worked the gods’ forge and crafted the world)
(the largest moon, Cenil, is dominant in this month. Fires burn hotter and Fire spells are more destructive as the volcanic moon influences the planet)
(the beginning of the autumn season. Named for Edunis, the legendary Death Titan who attempted to steal the life from the world in its younger days. He was defeated by the Storm Titan, Eldingar. His name was given to this month as it is the beginning of the time when the life is stolen from the world, only to return again with the arrival of Eldingarus.)
(the smallest moon, Ocarus, is dominant in this month. Monsters are more active and dangerous. Conjuration spells are more powerful.)
(the first month of winter; named for Iarn, the legendary Frost Titan who first blanketed the world in snow to cool it shortly after its creation in the Astral Forge)
(Etaro, the middling moon, is dominant this month. The most solidly Material moon, its influence weakens Outsiders, strongly magical creatures, and spellcasters)

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