The Age of Warlords and Wanderers

Fall of the Mibu Shogunate
18 Kirkwall 667

In a brash, unexpected move, the Onada clan struck at the shogun’s fortress city of Sekiga, overwhelming the forces there and slaying the shogun, Mibu Ansuhide, along with Lord Kamizawa. The Mibu clan is now headed by Ansuhide’s eldest son, Hanzo. He claims he is the rightful shogun of the land, but what little respect for the authority of the Mibu clan remained after the succession crisis of 654 seems to have vanished. Daimyo across the nation are preparing for a full-on war for the title of Shogun. Lord Onada Seijuro certainly has the strongest position, with his hold on the capital and strong ties to the west, but Lord Dokuganryu and Lord Yonezawa are certainly close to him in strength.
The estranged son of Misasune, Atriek, and the displaced son of Kamizawa, Fjorlas, were taken into captivity by the invading Onada army and moved to nearby Inabayama Castle. They were in the middle of their own escape attempt when a small force of Hakarutai mercenaries carried out a rescue of one of their members, the company lieutenant Sakage. The mission ended up moot, however, when Sakage was slain by wild boars. The small group now makes their way to Sendai, the base city of both the Hakarutai and the Lord Dokuganryu….


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