Hatsuhime Toshira

Pillager and murderer


Heavy Repeating Crossbow
Slight build, 5’7", dark hair.
No other information is known, face has never been seen. (I’m not counting the Dacht people)


I have no idea if the Hatsuhime clan exists in Nippaji (they do in real Japan), so Tyler please fill in brief history of them here if they do exist, and note if they don’t.

Toshira (unless he also exists) cannot be found in any records anywhere, nor does he appear to have any immediate family, although it is unclear if this is because he does not exist, or he destroyed his records and his family is already gone (perhaps killed by the Onada?).

Whatever the reason, he has very recently taken up arms against the Onada, leading his forces (assuming that no one escaped, no one knows how many people it took to attack the manor) against the country-side manor of an Onada nobleman. He apparently killed everyone, looted it, and burned the manor and surrounding lands to the ground, writing his name in the ashes as a statement.

Only a week or so later, he was arrested by the Dacht forces in Kalaro and taken aboard an outbound transport, a fact that greatly angered local Onada officials. Of course, the Onada is aware the renowned and capable Dacht military would never lose a prisoner, and they are confident that Hatsuhime Toshira will no longer be a threat to their people.

Hatsuhime Toshira

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